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BeYoutiful Hair

“We love by how we give”. There is nothing more true than this statement, it defines everything about our foundation. Our BeYoutiful Hair program is the perfect opportunity to take action and make a difference. Our hair donation and wig creation process takes place in the heart of Los Angeles. With our hand selected group of beauty professionals, we make sure that all donated hair goes straight to the cause. We’re committed to making sure every little girl, young lady, business woman and/or supermom gets the support she needs. Your own contribution of hair or having your clients chop off theirs makes this program possible. Together we can make sure that every woman has the opportunity to feel absolutely beYOUtiful.

One of our most favorite humans, Vito Basso, is helping our foundation launch our Love is in the Hair program. Vito is beYOUtiful both inside and out, his heart for others has us inspired, so we partnered to have him be our very first hair donor! He chopped that incredible mane in NYC, check out the video below to see his commitment to the cause. We are truly #bettertogether

Just a few days back co-founder Riawna Capri and dear friend Eric Bakhtiari took what was a normal weekday morning and turned it into something so special. After growing his hair for a LONG time, Eric knew it was the “right” time for a change and an opportunity to make a difference. As one of the very first people to donate to our Beyoutiful Hair Program we can’t thank him enough for stepping up proving we’re #bettertogether.