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One Year As A Breast Cancer Survivor

Full Name: Lakysha Laing

Type of Cancer: Breast Cancer - Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Instagram: l_laing

September 25, 2018 will forever be a day that I will be thankful and reflect on how grateful I am for life.

My support circle runs deep and far reaching. I’ve met some amazing and powerful women who have experienced breast cancer in different ways but we are connected as “pink sisters” because the one thing we have in common is we are fighters!

I AM A THRIVER AND SURVIVOR! September 25, 2018 is the day that I was diagnosed with Stage 1A Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) Breast Cancer. I am high risk for the cancer returning based on my Oncotype Score of 56. I’ve had 2 surgeries, 8 rounds of chemo for 4 months, and 30 sessions of high energy radiation. I have one more surgery before the end of the year to further prevent reoccurrence by having a full hysterectomy.

I am grateful for every day, keep a positive outlook on life and smile all the time. Many people don’t understand how I was able to continue working while going through chemo for 4 months and radiation for 1 month. The only way I can explain it is…GOD, who gave me strength to get through! I listened to my body and if my body told me to go home I did, it didn’t matter if I only worked for a 1/2 hour; I went home. I removed stress from my life and focused on positive thoughts, people and things, because with everything I had going on that was the last thing I needed.

I will be participating in my first breast cancer walk on October 26, 2019. If you’re in the Virginia area and want to walk with me and #TeamLSquared you are welcome to do so. The walk is with the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk” in Hampton Roads. Register here https://lnkd.in/epg-quE I will walk with my supporters, other women still fighting & remembering those we lost.

Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts as there is still more work to do. Follow my journey at my Caring Bridge site: https://lnkd.in/eenx6U9

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