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Superpowers Against Cancer

Full Name: Beatriz Pedregal

Type of Cancer: Breast Cancer

Facebook: BeatrizPedregal

It all began in April; Well,It actually started earlier, but I had no idea that my self destruction had already begun.

On the 28th I was dressing up for one of my besties Wedding when I suddenly touched a lump on my left breast. Lots of women have asked me since then, How does it feel like?, How did I notice it?. Believe me, you can… It
was in the upper part of the breast and it had aprox. the size of a golf ball.

I have never been hypocondriac, so I forgot about it for a few days, but my dog Frida, Stopped to smell it on an occasion so I decided that it was time to pay some attention to it. (of course bad things always happen to
other people, it was completely impossible that something bad could happened to me!)

The day after my mother and I went to the Hospital, “It´s nothing”- The Doctor said-. “It will reabsorb by itself” -He said.

But something inside me told me something went wrong. So I went to the Hospital again.

Another Doctor, but the same words.

Fortunately, in medicine they have to follow a protocol and despite opinions they have to confirm it by medical test. So they scheduled an ECO (ultrasound) for me.

And that day came…

A young Doctor started to study the images and finally I could look directly to the eyes of fear. He remained silent for a while and went out of the room to call another Doctor, this one visibly older.

He pointed out the screen and concluded: We are going to make a mammography and a biopsy.

“Right now?”- ,and the room suddenly became freezing.

Seconds that lasted hours, hieratic faces, and a few screen shots later, they made me the biopsy.

The Doctor stood close to me and I took advantage of that proximity to look him in the eye and whisper: “How do you see it, Doctor?”- Inespecific- His mouth said, but his eyes told me: “No good news, sorry”

The days after, expecting the results were absolutely terrible, because I had to face the only thing that overcomes me: UNCERTAINTY.

Not knowing paralyzes you, you have No opponent to face or fight.

And so, the days went by, and so did the nights, bathed in tears when my children were asleep. I didn´t count sheep but “IF´s”

And What IF…. I die?

What IF….I am invaded and there is no salvation for me?

And Then… No,is impossible, Is probably nothing.

You know what?…. It was really happening. Again, no matter what your thoughts or beliefs are. Life brings you what you what it brings you.. And you can kick now, feel sorry for yourself (because you have the right to do it) or give yourself to it.

I decided to choose the last one, and I bring my smile always with me, no matter what



  • August 29, 2018


    Bea, Dios manda las pruebas más duras a sus mejores soldados. La medicina ha avanzado una barbaridad y eres increíblemente generosa. Ojalá todo salga bien y te recuperes completamente. Rezo mucho.

  • August 30, 2018


    You are awesome Beíta!!

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